SOMETHING Barely Remembered – A Film by Priya Sen


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  1. Milindo July 30, 2008 at 3:55 pm #

    “Something Barely Remembered” has a personal, reflective, interior mono-dia-logue space, which I found very engaging in moments, cinematically. I had moments of hardship in “read the text – look at the moving image” kind of dilemmas posed off and on, when text is slapped on to image or vice versa. Loved the rambling – “off-hand” nature of the narrative which does some justice to a literary excerpts based theme. Winning frames for me: One was the selective moving focus of the lines on a page of a book, and the second would be the Electro-LED moving display moments cocooned in a Philip Glass-like audio environment. In its entirety, its a recess yes, fragments of ephemeral verse.

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