Oil Power

The birth and rise of OPEC (Nigeria joined in 1971) and other power-groups on the continent such as Francafrique.



In 1971 Nigeria joined OPEC


The first major trade group comprised almost exclusively of developing countries, OPEC heralded a significant change in global power relations that are still been felt today.

How do we understand FESTAC 77 within today’s global world, against the backdrop of the new conflicts and power blocs – from the African Union and BRICS, to American and French diplomacy and military intervention?

How do the conflicts at FESTAC provide us with new understanding of the conflicts in North Africa today?

How is oil wealth used in cultural policies of countries such as Angola and the UAE today?


The Rise of the Petro State

Through FESTAC, Nigeria’s empire of signs was pegged to petroleum. During this high point of oil politics and prosperity, money became the measure of cultural value”. Andrew Apter


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