Invention of Diaspora

FESTAC also different significantly from Dakar and Algiers in proposing black communities as opposed to countries.


This opened participation to countries outside Africa and the third world, including USA, UK, Ireland, Australia and several European counties such as France, Germany, Netherlands and Sweden.


To succeed, we must restore the link between culture, creativity, and mastery of modern technology and industrialism… to endow the Black Peoples all over the world with a new society, deeply rooted in our cultural identity, and ready for the great scientific and technological task of conquering the future”


“Blackness” thus represented the general equivalent of an imagined transnational community.

The North American delegation was as large as the Nigerian delegation and Americans made up as much as a quarter of the visitors, indicating a significant orientation of the festival.

Similarly Swedish “delegation” were actually bigger than a few African ones, like Rwanda, Botswana, Guinea





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