The Library recognises people as knowledge and memory as the art of the stateless. It engaged a politics of friendship; a process of discussion and discovery that takes place in various public spaces and contexts. Since 2009, we have used this methodology to stage interventions and major exhibitions in libraries and archives around the world, ranging from large public libraries such as the City of Cape Town library and the San Francisco Public Library, and small community libraries and art spaces such as the Keleketla Library in Johannesburg and the Show Room in London, to public spaces such Freedom Park, Lagos where people replaced books.

All our exhibitions embody the proposition evoked by the title by “finding oneself,” as Moses Molelekwa put it, on library shelves and in communities; quietly encroaching upon existing classification systems; and proposing a navigation system, clearly subjective and affective, for content found both in Chimurenga and the collection of the library, archive or community we are working in. Chimurenga Library exhibitions include public talks and conversations, and live performances and interviews, that function amidst cartographic installation, mapping ‘routes’ that link ideas with people, writing, research, music, publications, record cover design and other materials.

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